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Fire workshops

Wanna learn how to fire dance?

Contact me to book a workshop where you'll learn how to safely manipulate fire prop.

It is magical experience recommended for everyone!

It definitely helps to increase mood and self confidence !


You need to give it a go! 



July 2022


I cannot recommend this experience enough. Iga was so fantastic in teaching us at our level and then adding on and challenging us when we got comfortable. The fire dancing itself was magical and the sound of the flames was incredible. If you’re in town for just the one evening, do this!


August 2022

Great experience for my girlfriend and I. Iga is a great teacher and really cool person, would recommend to anyone wanting to do something a bit different in the city.


June 2022

Iga is a rock star! Fantastic experience. Iga was a very thoughtful guide and took me through step by step till we both felt comfortable for me to try with the fire. It was super cool.


April 2022

I booked this experience as a fun birthday present for my partner - and also because I wanted to give fire spinning a try myself. Iga was so much fun to learn with - patient, friendly and enthusiastic about her craft. We came away with a new appreciation of fire spinning and might even have picked up a new hobby!


November 2021

The best and most special experience we’ve ever had! Iga is super friendly, patient and professional, she taught us several tricks and made sure we could do it properly before lighting up the fire, my husband and I really enjoyed a lot and we would definitely do fire dancing with Iga again when we will come back to Edinburgh!

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